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Dissemination of CCLI Educational Innovations
Study Group
February 18-19, 2010
FDIC L. William Seidman Center

Meeting Purpose

We convened a study group to consider the question: How can NSF and successful CCLI grantees foster better dissemination of CCLI-developed educational innovations? The study group participants ranged from PIs of small focused grants to large dissemination efforts. Expert guests represent publishing in both the profit and non-profit sectors, researchers concerned with dissemination of STEM educational innovations, the NSDL and NSF program staff.

The charge of this group was to review the status of what we know about dissemination of STEM educational innovation. This review included reviewing and discussing:

  • results of the recently completed survey of CCLI PIs regarding their dissemination efforts
  • results of survey of NSF CCLI program officers (past and present) regarding their impressions of dissemination
  • results from researchers who study educational innovation dissemination
  • and of course practical experiences of the participants in study group.

Meeting Outcomes

  1. Identification of critical issues and barriers to effective dissemination
  2. Identification of methods for overcoming impediments to dissemination
  3. Identification of effective models for dissemination
  4. Identification of processes, mechanisms and bridges to connect CCLI PIs with dissemination collaborators, e.g., NSDL, publishers, or OER
  5. Identification of effective practices for developing adopter communities
  6. Identification of mechanisms for disseminating effective practices to all CCLI PIs

The ultimate outcome of the meeting is expected to be the development of a dissemination guide for CCLI PIs. The format of the guide will be generated in part, based on the deliberations of the group and feedback from participants.