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Workshop Wrapup from an NSF Perspective

Note: These are the unedited concluding thoughts from NSF participants. They do not necessarily reflect the views of NSF.

  • We’re hearing the opinions of individual program officers, everything NSF wants in the solicitation.
  • Misconception about CCLI program–much of what we’ve talked about as missing is in the program, is allowed for the program.
  • If a project doesn’t have a good dissemination plan, why are they being funded? NSF responds to what comes across the door.
  • Research into dissemination will get reviewed as educational research, make sure your methodology is strong.
  • Phase 3 projects that get funded are typically lots of faculty, lots of schools, may not have enough schools. He suggests potential grantees might scale back total request (from $6M maximum) commensurate with numbers and impact.
  • Think about scalability and sustainability–we’re going to bring in faculty to workshops, give us $N, can’t just keep bringing in more faculty, need to think about things like train-the-trainer, virtual instruction, get rid of travel costs, go beyond just webinars, blogs, etc.–more than broadcast but also interactivity
  • Help your communities find the outputs from this workshop
  • July 2010-CCLI PI meeting: He’d like to see workshop participants volunteering to run a workshop at CCLI meeting.

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