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What works and under what conditions?

Note: These are the unedited notes from workshop discussions. These have been updated with notes clarified through further discussions.

Workshop participants were asked to answer the questions: “What works and under conditions?”.

  • What might work is…Infrastructure that makes it both easy and motivational for educational innovation papers and products to be entered in “standard” form, presented in easily searchable “standard” form and peer reviewed like a review publication with access rates, download statistics available for use in CV.
  • What might work is…Research effectiveness of dissemination funding and publicize results.
  • Workshop to focus on consumer <need more information>
    • Full time faculty or not
    • Type of institution
    • Online/face-to-face
  • …Create backup materials (e.g., instructors’ guides)
  • …Continued support <need more information>
  • …Sense of community <need more information>
  • …Remember to make materials flexible <need more information>
  • …Advisory Board–active during development <need more information>
  • Instataneous entry <need more information>
  • Include administration <need more information>
  • …Use professional organizations <need more information>
  • Target audiences <need more information>
  • Steps to dissemination: Make them aware, make them interested, enable them to use
  • …Materials with a lot of “pull” (e.g., online homework, real time data, working 3-d print)
  • …Well designed face-to-face workshops
    • “Fun”: field trips, big name kickoff speech
    • Follow-up: 6 month report back, social networking
  • …Online professional development <need more information>
  • …Funnel model: Beyond your own class, needs analysis, find indicators of receptivity, target invitations to leaders
  • …Understanding how potential adaptors think. Plan to dissemination to meet them there (work-flow analysis). Start with what will resonate with potential adopters.
  • …Providing a platform to share (meetings, publications, exploring ideas to test, community)
  • …Combined face-to-face online communities (can be done for almost nothing especially for CC <need more information> faculty, faculty teaching the same subject, meeting every few weeks
  • …Designated mentor-mentee (the mentor is the middle man) relationship to help insure support beyond training, the mentor who is not the innovator is a credible aid.
  • …Credibility of materials. <need more information>