MERLOT Editors Reusability Training 2005


For Editors:

  1. Be able to recognize and evaluate reusability factors
  2. Be able to communicate and illustrate reusability factors
  3. Be able to make suggestions to authors to improve reuse
  4. Be able to give input concerning reusability into the design of portals and sites


  1. Gather input on process modifications that might improve reusability
  2. Gather input on design and technology that might improve reusability
  3. Raise awareness of reusability in MERLOT communities


Session I: Slides for Session I – WARNING: 3.5 MB File (Audio file: 27 MB)

Session II: Slides for Session II – WARNING: 3.5 MB File (Audio File: 32 MB)

Session III: Face-to-Face meeting in Rapid City, South Dakota, on Saturday, May 14.