ELearn 2004

Seminar: Designing E-Learning Resources for Reuse
Monday, November 1, 2004
1:30 – 5 PM


Robby Robson, Eduworks Corporation, USA
Brandon Muramatsu, Eduworks Corporation, USA
Geoff Collier, Eduworks Corporation, USA


This seminar is about enhancing the reusability of elearning resources. It presents and applies a set of reusable design guidelines developed in the context of the National Science Digital Library, patterned after Web Accessibility Initiative guidelines. These guidelines address basic enablers of reuse (e.g. granting necessary permissions and making an effort to ensure technical interoperability) as well as deeper reusable design issues such as the role of context in reuse and techniques for separating presentation, content and structure. The seminar will also touch on the question of how repositories can support reuse.

The entire seminar is hands-on and interactive in nature. Participants will become familiar with guidelines and techniques by exploring a rich set of examples. Participants should bring their own laptop with wireless Internet access capabilities.

Note: This seminar is sponsored by a National Science Foundation grant and is offered free of charge. Attendees are encouraged to look at materials on this site prior to attending and will be asked provide feedback on the content of the seminar.


  • Learn to enhance the reusability of digital learning resources as a designer, developer or author
  • Learn how repositories can help support reuse
  • Become familiar with reusable design guidelines produced in the context of the National Science Digital Library
  • Learn how rights, interoperability, and metadata affect reusability
  • Learn hot to increase reusability by separating structural, presentation, content, contextual and pedagogical layers of elearning resources
  • Gain experience in analyzing elearning resources for reusability

Intended Audience:

  • Designers, developers and authors of elearning content
  • Managers of elearning programs, repositories or digital libraries
  • Educators and trainers who use elearning

Intended Experience Level: